From Clueless to Aha:
Secrets to unlock your own intuition

Vaishali helps inquisitive people to release stuck patterns by playing with energy & intuition so that they can accelerate the creation of their dreams

Have you ever noticed that some people are wildly successful and attribute their success to their intuition?

These people always seem to be on the top of their game and seem to solve problems in what looks to the outside world as a relatively easy manner

How would YOU like to be in this special group where you can tap into your own intuition to effortlessly seeks answers and solutions?

The good news is that I can show you how intuition is working and talking to you even though you are not aware of it

The secret to how intuition strikes you: How to know when it is intuition that strikes you so that you can distinguish it from idle mind chatter

 How it will work differently for everyone: How to know what is your strongest intuitive sense by getting in touch with your intuition (clairaudience is the strongest for me)

 How chakras are connected to your intuition: How each chakra is connected to your intuitive abilities and what prevents your intuition from functioning properly

 When you show up for this masterclass: you’ll get to learn from real life scenarios for each type of intuition or intuitive ability

What is the next step for you: in order to be able to clear up some of the stuck energies and connect with your own intuition.

Are you interested to strengthen your intuition?

Join me for this important LIVE masterclass to learn: “From Clueless to Aha: Secrets to Unlocking your own Intuition.” Without these simple secrets, there’s no way I would have solved some of the problems that came across my way….and definitely not so effortlessly.

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Wednesday Nov 29, 17 at 7pm Pacific and 10pm Eastern
**Replay available to all those who register

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